About Us

Our Services

JDAW provides a full range of services for a wide variety of construction projects from initial stages to completion. The services provided by JDAW consist of:

  1. Building Design with Consultancy
  2. Interior Design with Consultancy
  3. Landscape Design with Consultancy
  4. Road &Bridge Design with consultancy
  5. Contract Administration and Supervision
  6. Components of the building design
  7. Architectural design
  8. Structural design
  9. Electrical installation design
  10. Sanitary – Mechanical design
  11. Roads and Pavements design
  12. Preparation of bills of quantity
  13. landscape design works include

    • Architectural design
    • Structural design
    • Electrical installation design
    • Sanitary – Mechanical design
    • Roads and Pavements design
    • Preparation of bills of quantity

Our Vision

To excel in quality design and consultancy works which are preferred by global customers.

Our Mission

  • Establish, implement and maintain a formal Quality Management System according to international standard
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Maintain high caliber professionals, Avail appropriate working facilities, necessary materials and adequate fund
  • Apply State-of the-Art Technology
  • Apply the right marketing strategies and Undertake environment friendly operations.

Our Values

  • Ethical operations: Maintaining business operations which are in compliance to the principles of business ethics.
  • Human development: Establishing and maintaining a situation in which employees can grow in their career and also economically.
  • Environment consciousness: Ensuring that the company’s business processes, inputs and outputs are environment friendly.
  • Customer satisfaction: Making ‘Customer Satisfaction’ one of the company’s key success indicators.
  • Professional outputs: Running internal and external business processes in such a way that the work outputs are in compliance with the professional requirements of the fields of Architecture and Engineering.
  • National and International growth: Contributing to the growth and development of the countries where the company supplies its service packages.
  • Continuity: Ensuring that the above mentioned values are maintained permanently and in compliance to the principle of ‘The Going Concern’.